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Re: please don't twist my photos
In reply to qianp2k, Apr 1, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I said you twisted it because you did completely wrong by zooming in LR that is only for viewing purpose but not for photo enlargement. The right way is thru Photoshop Bicubic enlargement.  If you did that correct way you will see the result I showed that is truly untwisted.  I gave the steps that everyone can duplicate.

It's not 'dark magic', it's simply zooming in on the raw data to see what has been recorded.

That is totally wrong way.  As I suggested, try bicubic enlargement in PS.  Again here is 100% cropped between two.  Look how different from yours.  This is the right way to show the real difference.

I'm sorry Peter, but this is just plain wrong.

hehe.  bicubic enlargement in PS is well known the right way in photography world.  You can try bicubic sharper by downsampling 60D files to match to 5D size, lol.  I actually gave 60D a favor by upsampling 5D files.  As someone suggested the best way should be leave at their original size.  However I upsampling 5D files for easier comparison to prevent a delusion that bigger size resolves more details.


If you use any type of enlargement algorithm such as "bicubic sharper" then you are interpolating, or 'inventing', detail that has simply not been recorded by the sensor! LOL!

Check the above link, Bicubic Smoother is for upsampling while Bicubic Sharper is for downsampling.  Anyway photoshop Bicubic enlargement is the best way to enlarge photo while still keep as much details as possible.

Please Peter - stop this rubbish.

If you want to compare which sensor resolves more detail, you can't use a method that interpolates and inserts detail into the image that was not recorded by the sensor.

funny I never know how Bicubic enlargement will increase fine details.

Seems there's quite a bit you don't know.

Wow, then nobody should wait for Canon 39 or 46mp cameras, they only need to Bicubic enlarging photos from 22mp 5D3   hehe.

That's right - so surely, based on this assertion, you can see how stupid your claims are! LOL!

Try to understand rather than simply arguing all the time!

I think it's you need to understand better.

Me and everyone else here it would appear.

You are wrong buddy - you need to man up and admit it.

yeah, I am "wrong" everytime because you said I am wrong, funny.

No, you are wrong simply because your assertions do not match reality and are based on an ignorant misunderstanding that sharpness equals resolution. Which it most definitely does not.

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