Sick as a parrot. Need to downsize to Micro four thirds. Opinions appreciated

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You may want to post this in the M43 forum too...
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There are actually a lot of folks there who have made the move from larger systems for similar reasons (and a number of pros also).

I've had back problems and wrist problems with larger camera gear for years, and would come back from an outing with my D200 with wrist and elbow pain every time.  I switched to a D90 after a couple of years to try and reduce the problem, and that was better, but still more than I was really happy carrying around.  Two years ago I bought an EPL1 for a second camera, and ended up subsequently with a GH2 and sold all of my Nikon gear.  I have never looked back...but I also was not working with FF, so perhaps my decision was less of a step than yours is.

I looked at the OMD when I came out, but I preferred a bunch of things about the GH2 in terms of operation, so I did not get one. However, when the GH3 came out this year, I did buy one, and I have to say, the IQ is excellent.  It's not a tiny camera, however, it does have a spectacular grip, which might fit your handling needs quite nicely.  Ergonomically, it is much better laid out than the OMD, with larger and better placed buttons and extensive button programmability.  The OMD with the extra grip is several ounces heavier than the GH3 without it, so that should be taken into consideration also.

The real bonus to the M43 system is the lens size and availability, plus the ability to work with legacy lenses if you so desire. (For instance, I currently use an ancient micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5 non-AI as my primary macro lens...and it works beautifully.  MF of course, but I don't find I need AF for macro work anyway).  The 12mm f2.0 and the 25mm f1.4 are my favorite lenses, and the 45mm f1.8 is remarkably sharp and has quite nice bokeh, very good for portrait work, also.  I have not used the two high end zooms from Panasonic yet, but they have gotten excellent reviews and people who have them have been quite impressed with them.

Battery life on the GH3 is also far and away the best of any M43 yet.  It's not quite at DSLR levels, but it is significantly better than any prior M43.

I would suggest you look at both the GH3 and OMD, and evaluate them based on how they feel in hand and their output.  One of them might be the right choice for you...

Oh, and my big epiphany about M43?  A year ago, at the annual TulipFest near me, I was out with the GH2 and six lenses, covering everything from 12mm-300mm (24mm to 600mm FF equiv).  All the gear fit into two small camera bags which criss-crossed my body and balanced beautifully.  I spent an entire afternoon there, shooting away, until I used up my memory cards.  I had no backache, no wrist pain, and I was actually having FUN.  As I went back to my car after I was done, I was SMILING at the experience.....Comparing this to the year before when I had taken my Nikon gear out (even with fewer lenses) and had started swearing at the heavy bag after about an hour, I realized that I had found my system. an added of my photos that day was a winner in the annual photography contest for the TulipFest held by a large regional newspaper.  Can't beat that!

So, my suggestion?  Spend some time with these cameras.  Maybe rent one of each, with a couple of lenses, and see which works for you.  No, they are not D800s, but they are both fine cameras capable of excellent output, and you may be pleasantly surprised by how good they are.


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