Sick as a parrot. Need to downsize to Micro four thirds. Opinions appreciated

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Perhaps another route is a better approach or worthy of consideration.
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rtf wrote:

Hi everyone. Sorry if this seems a little off topic but your the people that directly fit my question.

I now have a medical issue with the nerves in my middle fingers of my left hand (due to broken fingers years ago). I have major problems using lenses much bigger than a 50mm (gutted). My doctor warned me ages ago that this would become an issue and advised me to downsize the weight and bulk of my camera gear. Yesterday I was taking images of a restaurant for a website, and after the tripod work I struggled to take handheld shots with the D800 + 105DC. So much so that I only felt comfortable using the 50mm handheld. The restaurant owner asked me if I would consider photographing his wedding which I declined because I cannot rely on good handling technique with my present gear. Very reluctantly, I have to seriously consider downsizing to micro four thirds, and I would like to know your honest opinions on whether you think in my position that you could swap to micro four thirds and adjust to the smaller system. I'm a pro and would like to remain one if I can. In recent times I have had lots of low res work (website images) so I know that I can live with a smaller sensor and make some money, but I'm a little disheartened at the moment. So my question is: Olympus, Fuji, or Panasonic?. I need portrait, wide-angle, and macro capability in that order of importance. I'm leaning towards Olympus. Your thoughts would be very appreciated.



If you are determined ot go the downsizing route IGNORE the following!

I apologize, I do not have the time to read every comment; however, you and those I have read seem to have given up on the possibility of minor alterations of the way the camera works.

At this point I would not advise dropping one of the best medium weight cameras ever made for a lessor camera [sorry, although many produce fantastic shots with MFT cameras and smaller as much as I wish they werethey do not start equal]. Try everything else first. BTW there is no assurance that going lighter will prevent advancement of the problem to the point the problem will not recur [It may but it may not]. First, I would recommend considering physical and occupational therapy then camera modifications last downsizing.

Not to be repetitive but; Perhaps (for example) you might find a way to assist yourself with a bracket concept like the adapted rifle stock to increase the stability of long lenses or perhaps a strap system or something totally unrelated but useful for your usage. An example: A rubber -band attached to a "plastic" or metal strap over the zoom and/or focus ring(s) of a longer lens or zoom so you can use it easily.

Some brackets have been designed to hold a camera so you can adapt it or yourself to do what you need.

Since you seem to be either a professional or at least semi-professional [pay wise], it is possible your insurance company or perhaps a volunteer or governmental service will want to assist you at making non-permanent or repairable changes to your equipment so you can sell it when you upgrade. Another possibility to consider is are you a veteran? If so there may be some assistance there.

In other words do not give the ship for a dingy till the ship is beyond repair as smaller cameras might not be as easily adapted when/if the problem advances.

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