Sick as a parrot. Need to downsize to Micro four thirds. Opinions appreciated

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Canon 100D, or entry-level Nikons
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rtf wrote:

I know that I can live with a smaller sensor and make some money, but I'm a little disheartened at the moment.

You can stick with Nikon, or for even lighter go to Canon 100D.

If Nikon, shoot RAW using their smallest DSLR (D3200/D5200).  You have to stick to certain AF lenses, but a 35mm f1.8 or 1.4/50 are quite small n light and get good reviews and the kit 18-55mm VR is very good and only weighs 260g (the 17-55 weighs 3 times as much).

For Teleportraits you might again have to stick with the kit 55-200mm VR, but it is also very good and light.

You lose DoF-control, and some IQ, by going from a D800 + f2.0 135mm to a D3200 + kit lenses and 1.8/35.  But the advantages are:

- you still stay within the same system

- these entry-level Nikons are able to mount pre-Ai Nikkors tho' you have to meter manually (the Series E are light and good quality)

- you get more resolution and slightly-better high-ISO performance with APS-C than Micro-Fourthirds (I don't find the NEX or Fuji X or Samsung NX systems ripe enough if you're a pro).

- you get to keep the use of an optical viewfinder (rather than electronic).  And with the live-view, you can use a simple LCD-Loupfinder which acts as a 3" electronic viewfinder.

Also, consider the new Canon 100D.  The Canon system has the advantage of a huge lens & accessories selection.  It also meters with any old lenses, and can mount OM Zuikos which are known to combine lightness with high-IQ.

I would go 100D and check out light primes and zooms (there's plenty out there, the Canon forums can help).

Weight differences incl. battery):

Panasonic gx1 - 320g (plus allow for the VF-attachment)

Olympus E-PL5 - 325g (plus allow for the VF-attachment...if there is one)

Canon 100D - 410g  (optical viewfinder included)

Olympus OM-D - 425g

Panasonic GH3 - 550g

Nikon D3200 - 500g

Nikon D5200 - 550g (advantage of having the flexi-display and arguably better sensor performance than the D3200)

D7000 - 780g

D800 - 900g

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