Is America screwed?

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William Carson
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Re: Is America screwed?


I'm not sure that Americans can make the necessary adjustments (both mentally and economically) to accept their declining clout and position in the global community.

I think it will be good for the USA to take a 'back seat' and to concentrate more on making it's own society and yard a better place.

Americans are going to have to get used to a less materialistic, gas-guzzeling, fat-city style of living...however, I'm not sure they can tighten their belts in the same manner that Euro's or others can.

Extreme consumerism and corporate capitalistic dictatorship has taken over the US persona...and it's certainly not going to be easy....trying to correct that social evil.

The USA will never be able to compete with the likes of Asia, etc...when it comes to the manufacturing I think they must forget that avenue and specialize in the IT, high-tech innovation, research industries.

The next generation is going to be decisive...coz they are the first newcomers that will actually live 'worse off' than their parents did in the last two hundred years.

This will have big change impacts upon society....and a totally different mindset with regards to work, goals, and general attitudes towards life.

The younger generation just won't be able to afford homes like us older folks did....because the money just won't be there. In my local area (ie: the whole city)...young folks can't even THINK of buying a home. Even professional couples have a hard time coming up with the cash for a $800K+ mortgage payment each month...which is approx $4,200 per month...even at a low 3.25% rate.

The entire west coast region is like this now....

It's tough....and I see the gap between rich & poor getting bigger, with more folks falling between the cracks.

Which of course means more overall crime, despair, dysfunction, and so forth.

America will produce jobs....but will they pay enough wages to actually afford people decent lives....that's the question.  This not only applies to America of course....but with a population of approx 320's a large family to feed.

and, the polarized political scene in the States..certainly isn't helping this situation at all.

I guess only time will tell...


A good overview analysis. - As well as a gap between wealthy and poor in society is a gap between people in those societies who are really figuring out the depth to which the political process has been taken over by those (corporation =military, banking, etc) who buy and sell the politicians (and most dangerously media sources that call themselves 'News'.) and those who just believe our leaders are patriots (of whatever nation) It is important that the struggle between knowledge of what is actually occurring and the propaganda is slowly siding with real information. Wikileaks and in America, Britain some of the real journalists are slowly having more of a audience. This is affecting policy but very frustratingly slowly.

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