Nikon D80, is it too old to buy ?

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Pedro Negreiros
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Re: Nikon D80, is it too old to buy ?
In reply to Sammy Yousef, Mar 30, 2013

Sammy Yousef wrote:

john Clinch wrote:

I prefer the Ken Rockwell analogy

!Cameras are like pianos. If you can't play the piano one buying a more expensive one won't help"

It's a well known fact that a student needs to learn on an appropriate musical instrument. I know guitar better, and if you listen to any decent guitar teacher he'll tell you a sub-$100 guitar with terrible intonation and action can hinder a student learning. No you don't need a $2k guitar to start on, but neither should you get a bargain $50 job off the Internet.

I assume the same thing holds for piano - you don't give a student a broken or out of tune harpsichord if you want them to succeed at piano.

I wouldn't put much stock in KRs rants. Equipment matters, and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional. It's true that it doesn't replace skill, experience and "talent", but a camera upgrade can make all the difference depending on what you're trying to shoot. Otherwise we'd all still be using box brownies.

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My forum postings reflect my own opinions and not those of my employer. I'm not employed in the photo business.

The D80 is far beyond a "broken piano". Is it as responsive/ higher performances as the new D7100? Of course not, but it gives a lot if you're willing to master it.

The limitations aren't only in the equipement, sometimes they are also in our heads...

In a certain extension i consider the limitations of the equipment as a challenge to be overcome by technique, creativity, imagination, etc... in the end (imho) these are the primary personal tools. Of course equipement is important, but more important is to take the best of what we have.

The 20th century photo masters (whatever style/ school/ area you consider them) never had the type of technology we have today and that didn't stop them from "climbing the mountain".


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