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A simple reply for Grevture
In reply to Grevture, Mar 29, 2013

Grevture wrote:

meland wrote:

Rapid evolution since the advent of digital has resulted in photographers that can no longer speak proper.

Lets for a second assume you are correct, and say the photographic language is deteriorating.

Now, at some time back in history, say in the 15th century or so, we did not have any language at all to describe photography, lenses, cameras (sorry, cams) at all. So, it would be safe to say that at some point in our history our language was rather useless for discussing photography.

Now we have two assumptions:

1) At some time in our history our language was ill equipped to handle discussions on photography. Since then it improved.

2) Right now, our language to describe photography is in decline, it gets progressively worse all the time.

Agree so far?

Then, my simple question is, if both assumptions 1) and 2) above is correct, exactly when do you mean the language describing photography was at its peak? 2007? 2001? 1995?

Of course there is no answer to that question. Why? Because your premise, that the language is deteriorating is bogus. Look, language has always been, and will always be a reflection of the reality in which it is used. The reality keep changing over time, and so does the language. That is just how it is.

If anything, one can probably with some truth state that in the grand scheme of things, our language is actually at is best right now. Just as it was ten years ago. Or 50 years ago. Or 300 years ago. We more or less, on a average, always have the language which is most useful for its particular time.

The notion of languages deteriorating is just resentment of change.

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It was not intended to be taken so seriously.  But thank you anyway.

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