Photographers speak in tongues

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Re: Photographers speak in tongues
In reply to meland, Mar 29, 2013

meland wrote:

Rapid evolution since the advent of digital has resulted in photographers that can no longer speak proper.

Words such as Panny, Siggy, Oly and Cannikon have sneaked (snuck?) into the vocabulary.  Strangely Sony does not seem to have been subjected to this treatment.  Perhaps the shortening to "Get a Son" doesn't really work.

Nauseating phrases like 'Nifty fifty' and 'Holy trinity' seem to have taken over otherwise normal people's brains.

'Lens' has become 'lense', or perhaps that's just from watching too much Miss Piggy. "Pretentious? Moi?"

Cameras have become 'cams'.  Lenses - 'glass'.  And yes, yes I know that's what they're made of.  As do most people but they don't refer to sensors as 'silicon' do they?  But give them time they might.  And they might even change that to 'silly'.

Please pass me the sick bucket.

Mr Land,

To those of us browbeaten (or just beaten) into linguistic and grammatical conformity by Mr Brown, English Master of a certain 1960s Grammar School for Boys, many of today's jargon-ridden words and phrases cause angst or irritation.  My own particular bugbears are those Americanisms generated from their gun-toting kulture.

  • The "killer deal". Does the customer murder the vendor to obtain the goods or vice-versa (shopkeeper kills the bloke for his wallet)?  If not, what is it that gets killed?  It's a puzzle.
  • "Pulling the trigger".  Is this an elaboration on the murderous transaction of a "killer deal"?  Do Americans have triggers on their wallets? How often do they shoot themselves in the leg via premature wallet-trigger pulling?
  • "Shooting photos" or "shots".  Shurely shome mishtake as the photons arrive from out there into the camera, not vice-versa.  Perhaps they are "shooting" their egos via some delusional solipisitic belief that their framing a view somehow projects & constructs the stuff that is in it? They do tend to be individualistas, to a Man!

Anyroadup, I greatly enjoy allowing these peculiar phrases of the gun-fetishists to vaguely annoy my Brownian sense of Correct English, so I suppose I should be grateful.

SirLataxe, never fond of macho-lingo or the postures that generate it. (And my mule don't like it either).

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