Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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the perfect misconception
In reply to alex2b, Mar 29, 2013

It's a bigger 'ole; it collects more light.  What more is there to understand?


Exactly right. None the less, some people try to jump around and confuse things like the below post.

The amount of light projected on the m43 sensor is exactly the same as the amount of light projected on the full frame sensor, when both are using an f/2.8 lens.The Canon lens would only gather more unused light, when mounted on an m43 camera.

Wrong. Since the FF sensor has four times the area, it has four times the total light. Since the sensor is four times larger, it needs four time less magnification for the same print size, resulting in any noise being less visible

But it also means the m43+Panasonic is able to use the same shutter speed.

Uhm. Any camera can be set to any shutter speed. But a smaller sensor will have the more noise at the same shutter speed. Same shutter speed does NOT equal same performance.

So when comparing both camera, I am able to use the same shutter speed while getting a deeper DOF, which usually is great when shooting in a dark environment.

Using this argument, a cell phone would have an even bigger advantage!

Any FF camera can be set to the exact same settings as a smaller sensor. But the reverse is not true

You will be able to create the same DOF by upping the ISO while still maintaining the same shutter speed, but then you would have to conveniently forget that the best full frame sensor is NOT equivalent to the best m43 sensor in signal to noise ratio.

Like the Nikon D800? And with four times the light gathered, it doesn't really matter. No amount of sensor magic will make them even close.

If you would want to know more about this, you can read this article .

Bottom line is, it really is simple. A M43rd sensor has to be magnified four times more over M43rd. Making all defects four times more apparent.

That isn't to says the M43rd can't have great image quality. That for large prints it isn't good enough. That it's not very usable. That it may be all many people need.

But it's not equal to FF. FF lenses are actually cheaper for the same performance, because they've been building them for many years. M43ds vendors are raking in the money because people think F2.8 on M43rd is equal to F2.8 on FF, and they're getting a good deal. They're not.

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