China selling baby turtles in plastic bags as "souvenirs"

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Re: Hypocrisy and racism
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There is one major difference between Chinese and the people of some western countries. 
Chinese are not hypocrites. They don’t point finger at others while they are in the same business; they don’t try to stop the import of foreign products while thinking that they can export anything; they don’t impose their values/beliefs on to others; they don’t defame an entire nation and its culture for the wrong doing of individuals.

China has always adopted a "hands off" approach with regard to other nations...but this is solely a self-interest based motive.

China doesn't stick it's nose into other nations business...simply because it wants everyone to keep their nose out of it's own affairs...and for no other ensure that the regime retains complete and unchallenged control over the people.

China uses "stealth" it's current (slow but sure) inroads into the African business sector.  Unlike the western powers which require (demand) certain "human-rights" standards and other such business practices....China completely ignores this...when negotiating trade deals and contracts...just to get the business and a foothold in the region.

China doesn't care about the welfare of other nations, or the conditions/practices that are implemented ONLY thinks about the business aspect and making money.


No matter how hard you try to demonize China and whitewash the colonization of Africa, it's all documented, no one can rewrite history.  The Chinese fleet was there in 1415 and did not take one inch of land as colony.  China has always treated African countries as equals and they do know that.

Colonisation of Africa

Africa–China relations

To add one point to your statement, I would like to say that China did not play the colonizing game in the 15th century as did many European powers is not because they were magnanimous and kind and good people. It was because China then was disjointed under a decentralized imperial government and did not have the sea power to colonize. Moreover China was weak and was the colonized rather than the colonizer. And the European powers like England, Portugal and France to advantage of China because of it.

You made it up with your imagination. 
I don't know much about the state of Africa in the 1400s, but I do know it's a time that the Ming Dynasty was at its strongest.

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD)

[Beginning in 1405, the Yongle Emperor entrusted his favored eunuch commander Zheng He (1371–1433) as the admiral for a gigantic new fleet of ships designated for international tributary missions. The Chinese had sent diplomatic missions over land and west since the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) and had been engaged in private overseas trade leading all the way to East Africa for centuries— culminating in the Song and Yuan dynasties —but no government-sponsored tributary mission of this grandeur and size had ever been assembled before. To service seven different tributary missions abroad, the Nanjing shipyards constructed two thousand vessels from 1403 to 1419, which included the large treasure ships that measured 112 m (370 ft) to 134 m (440 ft) in length and 45 m (150 ft) to 54 m (180 ft) in width.

Zheng He 鄭和

[Zheng He's first voyage departed July 11, 1405, from Suzhou and consisted of a fleet of 317 ships holding almost 28,000 crewmen.]

China's Han 漢 and Tang 唐 Dynasties were even stronger.  They did not go thousands of miles to colonize another part of the world.

China was disjoint, decentralized and weak. How else could the Europeans come in and dictate to the Chinese on their own land. The historic sign still at the Bund in Shanghai tells it all:, "No Chinaman or Dogs Allowed". How else did England get control of Hong Kong and the Portugal, Macao?

Having all those ships and no strong centralized and unified government means nothing. The Emperors had their hands full controlling the regional warlords and its own people. There was little energy left to colonize anything.

The Ming Dynasty at that time was NOT decentralized and weak, otherwise how could they afford to assemble such a large fleet and made 7 expeditions?

The Opium Wars 1839-1842 AD were four centuries later, during the Qing Dynasty, ruled by Manchurians, not Hans.  There is a reason why Chinese are also known as Hans 漢人 and Tangs 唐人.  Chinatown is known as Táng-rén-jiē 唐人街。

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