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Re: Shoe greasing
In reply to hexar, Mar 28, 2013

hexar wrote:

How likely will it be that you shoot that "all comes perfectly together" composition  ?

For Street Photography, what is there is "perfectly together".  That's what makes it different than Studio photography.

I can't quite see even asking if it's okay to take a shot... but the idea that anyone should, for example, go ask a person to look this way for a bit, and ask the person next to them to look that way, and then take a shot and say thanks folks, and walk off... is a bit much, eh?  And if that can't be done, what's the point of afterwards saying the direction they are looking isn't as good as it could have been?

The whole idea of Street is to show what there is, not to set it up to be what we want. Granted that in many many cases the photographer might very well wait until "what there is" is most interesting.  Just that picking nits over the details in a Street image that could not and/or should not have been changed doesn't strike me as productive.

Characteristics such as the position of the photographer, the angle chosen, the exposure, the DOF, the focal length of the lens, and so on are all "adjustable", and subject to such critique.

I can see simply saying that what is there just isn't interesting enough to be worth showing off a picture.  With Street much of the "art" is in culling, not in shooting. Shoot everything!  But then select the few...

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