Hiscox, TCP or Hill&Usher for Liability and Business insurance?

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Christophe Testi
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Re: Hiscox, TCP or Hill&Usher for Liability and Business insurance?
In reply to PenguinPhotoCo, Mar 27, 2013

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

call around and ask for 'small business insurance' and an 'inland marine' policy to cover your gear.
Just about all insurance companies offer business insurance. You have a business- that is what you need.
When I shop around (every 3 years or so) I've seen all sorts of 'small print' you need to watch out for. ASK QUESTIONS! BE HONEST about YOUR business.
Business insurance covers more things than 'photographers insurance' and it costs no more. And since a local agent (erie, allstate, hartford, zurich, wausau and others) will also sell other types of insurance you can often 'bundle' and save money and HAVE NO GAPS!  That is the important thing.
Someone comes to your house and falls. One company covers your house and a different one the biz - they'll be very good at pointing fingers at eachother.
Your car is wrecked coming from a gig and it's towed away and you go to the hospital. You go to the impound and find your gear is wet or missing....car insurance vs homeowners vs business...are you covered?
You let your assistant move your car at a wedding and they bump another car. Now what happens?  It's a BUSINESS thing but your business insurance sure won't cover it. I bet your car insurance if htey knew it was for business wouldn't either. (read the fine print in your policy)
I have a trailer I use for events. Normally a trailer attached to yoru car is covered by your car insurance...but if its a business use trailer and you have regular car insurance...maybe not.
All buildings on your property are covered by your homeowners at some preset rate. Now you shoot clients in that detached garage, youve added an office in there, heat, a/c maybe, it's full of props and lights....is it covered for enough should it burn down?
Sure, odds of things happening are small. But should something happen you could be out of business and in the hole financially in a big way in an instant.
best to ask NOW, not later. Later is too late.
BTW, i've got everything with erie - my biz insurance went down and car insurance went up a bit but I got a lot more coverage. Net was about the same as I paid before. House is with erie too. All the same agent. With $3k in business each year he WANTS to keep me as a customer- instead of insurance spread over 3 companies, some I've never met, the service I get is WAY better. And the cost is about the same.

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Great advice, thanks!

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