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Re: But to those who yield, he is much more gentle
In reply to apaflo, Mar 27, 2013

apaflo wrote:

hexar wrote:

What is it XTOPH that you answer a question that is not for you ?

Are you the secretary of Frank  ?

Are you asked by Frank to think and write for him ?

Do you think Frank is not capable of answering questions to him by himself ?

Could you please not do this again as it is quit disturbing to me especially because you assume a very negativ  meaning behind my questions to Frank wich is not the case .

Thanks for your understanding and when I have a question to you I will adress it to you so no worry I mean you when I adress someone else.



This is a public forum.  If you wish to address anyone privately there is a facility for Private Messages, and if the specific member has provided an email address in their profile you can also use email.

What you cannot do is post a private message to a forum on DPReview.  Any publically posted article can be, and commonly will be, replied to by virtually any other member here. That is absolutely to be expected, and should not be a point of contention.

The above is just another way of saying that xtoph can dang well respond to a question addressed to Frank if he feels like it!

And my mail is just another way of saying that I think it is dumm and stupid to respond to a question that is not directed to you.  This forum is public and that implicates that  anyone can see and read all posts.  That does not mean that it is common sense that a question  to a specific member in those public postings should be answered by a person the question is not directed to .   If I ask you in this forum if you are doing well,  it would be quiit silly if anyone else but you would give me an answer to that isn`t it ?   So also in public fora questions to individual participants can be made but one has to be aware that those questions are public.  That means anyone can see and follow that question and answer procedure.

That makes this forum public and not the fact that no iquestions can be asked to an individual .

Anyhow if I can not adress any question in this forum to an individual in relation to a posting in this forum like I did than I am out of this forum per direct as this is  the most silly rule I can think of.   Next to that I just wanted to emphasize that in case I ask a question to Frank that it is not appropriate for XTOPH to give me an answer on that question because his response is not asked for and not of interest to me.  And again his response was completely besides the intention I had with my question.

As I do not believe the rules set in this respect can satisfy me I am out of this forum after having tried to contribute in all positiv sense  for the second run after a silly confrontaton with ONEANT in the past that made me back up .

Cheers and thanks for the joy I had anyway.


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