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Re: Leaving with honor (timē)
In reply to fad, Mar 27, 2013

fad wrote:

In the world of Homer, the only way to get stuff was to make it, get it as a gift, or plunder it by force.

Oh come on...  While Homer probably preceeded the concept of coinage by at least 1 or 2 hundred years, trade via barter was clearly a very common practice during his time.

People such a farmers, artists, warriors, etc did not make or plunder all that was not gifted.  They typically worked productively at one thing, and bartered that product for other goods.  Which is  to say that in at least that one respect they were much the same as we are today.

The Trojan war was fought over Helen, a stolen object.   The Iliad and the Odyssey both are about warriors becoming mass murders in order to avenge the loss of their stuff.  The word (timē) that is usually as 'honor,' can often just as easily be translated as 'stuff' --the kinds of things, possessions, love objects, that today can easily be acquired by credit card, over the internet even.

That all might be true, but it is not something related to  your previous claim.  It supports the relatively well understood problems with male hormone production!

The alert young lady, with the full bag of tricks, is very much like Odysseus.

Oh, sure.  Shopping at a store that bags their products as seen makes her either intelligent and cunning, or as you cite, a mass murder???  More likely, NOT!

Actually it appears that all we know about her is that she has at least one friend, and is to some degree a good subject for a photograph!

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