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Re: But to those who yield, he is much more gentle
In reply to hexar, Mar 27, 2013

By the way I am absolutely blown away by the fact that when I ask Frank about his motivations in respect of shooting love couples as presented in this thread someone else  namely XTOPH answers that question for FAD with the following text passage:

" are you seriously suggesting that you cannot see how either of the pics fad posted would have any value to people besides the ones pictured? if so, wouldn't that apply to all street photos? heck, pretty much all photo period?

if you cannot see the point of 'capturing and saving' single frames of street life in all its myriad manifestations, then possibly street photography is not for you."

What is it XTOPH that you answer a question that is not for you ?

Are you the secretary of Frank  ?

Are you asked by Frank to think and write for him ?

Do you think Frank is not capable of answering questions to him by himself ?

Could you please not do this again as it is quit disturbing to me especially because you assume a very negativ  meaning behind my questions to Frank wich is not the case .

Thanks for your understanding and when I have a question to you I will adress it to you so no worry I mean you when I adress someone else.



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