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Re: Dpr mangled my post above--
In reply to xtoph, Mar 27, 2013

xtoph wrote:

Anyone interested in reading the whole post i wrote above will need to make sure they have 'view signature' on. Apparently the forum software interpreted the attribution of the quote to sontag as a signature line.

I've seen this happen--sometimes repeatedly--in other people's posts, but this may be the first time the glitch has affected me. Annoying.

The DPReview editor has so many odd "features" that it's hard to keep up with them... and signature delimiters is one feature that most of us would consider "broken".

Technically a signature is suppposed to be delimited by a line that contains, in order, only two dashes and one space followed by a newline.   <newline>--<space><newline>

But this editor decides that any line beginning with two dashes is the end of regular text and the begining of the signature.  Even more ridiculous, it considers such lines within a signature to be the start of a second signature!

Avoid starting lines with dashes.

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