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Matt wrote:

Ubilam wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

Ubilam wrote:

Matt wrote:

If I want to take photos (snaps) that are fine with an on board flash then I wouldnt be carrying a pro camera around.

Then what is wrong with you? If you are serious about taking pics, why would you not take your better gear out and about? I do. I don't use a P&S or smart phone. My 7D image quality tells me the hassle is worth it... even with snaps. You are lazy.


Ubi, it is you who is lazy if you will neither carry a proper flash nor read Matt's post properly. And why call other names, just because they disagree with your OP?

I use the OCF as a disabled master. I have little use for OCF, but if I need one, I use a Nissin DI 866 mk. II which tilts, swivels, can be taken off camera with an eTTL-cord or wireless. For portraits, I use my studio strobes.

Im am not a professional photographer. I rarely bring my 7D on travels, as a tourist I use my S100. The S100 never ceases to amaze me. It is versatile and offers lots of creative possibilities in a tiny package, and delivers more than acceptable IQ.

I thank you for your response and if i offended you... I don't care.

Lets present you the most charming dpreview user of the year award right here! Maybe you shouldnt ask others for their opinion if all they get is insults?

You never hoisted a Bigma on a 7D with grip and two batts. The 7D onboard flash actually works well on long glass too. But, thats something you'll never know since you are a tourist?

Bigma for top image quality I suppose? If your gear is so heavy, what are you carrying a grip around for? How is the grip necessary for your shooting? That Bigma is best used with  a tripod? One would think it gets in the way if any ...

So the two batteries makes such a big difference in weight?

The on board flash works well with long lenses? Is this a joke? Are you for real? We are all knows nothing tourists?

you are a funny guy

Thanks for telling me how to use my gear, especially the Bigma. BTW, the OB flash does work well with the Bigma. Try it. 50 to 500mms. Thanks Matt.

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