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As I recall, in my mispent youth,
In reply to xtoph, Mar 27, 2013

before unworthy me was touched by grace, when my friends, ... well, enough of that.   When I was young and naughty, I would enjoy being affectionate in public, like the people in these photos.   It is a privilege of youth, mostly.   Part of it is the urgency of youthful passion.   Part a generous desire to share one's joy with those in a less blissful state of being.  Part of it is being romantic. And a big part is also just showing off to strangers.

Sex is a part of life, and if it takes place in the public square, it is fair game.  It is public sex.  By definition, there is no privacy to invade.  The fountain in Washington Square is thronged with all kinds of people and numerous cameras.

Sex is a part of art, and has been since the beginnings of our culture.   Brassai, Weegee, HCB, Eisenstaedt, Doisneau and many others have made art of such intimate moments.   If you think of yourself as an artist like them, then you would do likewise.


In the above link, someone who teaches writing romantic comedy at UCLA talks about sex (and not just kissing) in his art form.  He says that sex is portrayed as either romantic or hot, generally speaking.   But that just showing a couple being either romantic or hot is superficial.   A good writer should use it to help define their characters, or move the plot along.   (This is true of any theme in any genre, if you want to make good art.)

My first shot has ironies galore, in the spirit of SP --his arms are in casts while much of his torso is exposed, they are tenderly entwined while his arms look like Frankenstein, he is hale and hearty, but why are both his arms in casts?  It's not great art, but it is art.

The second shot shows a notable delicacy of touch, especially with the hands.   Both of these shots would be rated PG, I suspect, in a movie.

If you don't like SP, that's OK.   But photographing moments that are either romantic, or hot, or both, has been part of its stock in trade from the very beginning.

If you do a google image search for street photography kiss, you will not be able to reach the end of the search.   This is a good one, even if posed:

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shot in downtown Manhattan.
http://sidewalkshadows.com/blog/ (street photos)

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