Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO

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Re: Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO
In reply to Whalligeo, Mar 26, 2013

Whalligeo wrote:

edo21 wrote:

Just had my d7100 on friday and tried it in various situations landscape, portrait with the wide tokina 11-16, 16-50 and the nikon tele 300/4 AF-S. I tried various combo at iso 400/800 and 1600 with most default settings or my usual settings near to default.
I've to say that, as you can see in the following samples, i find a lot of noise at 1600 iso (not good for me) while images look acceptable at 800 and 400 iso (even if i expected a lot more).
I've been shooting for the last 4 years also with a D90, that i consider for the price a great camera, for professional and business purposes.

I don't like the post processing of any photo, i consider the post processing something different from photography.
D7100 seems to be slightly better than the D90 at base iso (100/200) but not as expected.
I've read a lot of post in this forum with real world samples of the D7100 at 3200 iso that seem perfect or very very good and this was main reason for my D7100 purchase (one of the first in Italy). Honestly my results do not show all that perfection.
Maybe there's something I'm missing but, at the moment i can't say to be really satisfied.

Waiting for your comments and suggestions. Thank you

There's a lot of hype with any new camera launch, and the D7100 is no different. The truth is, there isn't that much difference between the D5200/D7000, and certainly not twice the price difference better anyway. To get better I would suggest the D600 (maybe), D800e or bust the bank D4, but in the DX format, you've just about hit the maximum. Everything else is just marketing bull. Your style of photography is likely to be the most revealing in the technical stakes. Unfortunately, when Nikon removed the AA filter, they forgot to tell their ad men to remove the rose tinted spectacles at the time. Couple of your images could use a little more exposure, that will help.

Ah yes, Post Processing. Firstly, we will never agree on this, so lets not fight, just exchange our views. Every time you press the shutter release, you process the scene that lays before you. Photography is the coming together of technology and art, the two go hand in hand, it has always been so, since the days of Fox TalbotPeople would love Velvia, I hated it, I used Kodachrome 25 + 64. But whatever, none of those film emulsions ever gave real true colours, but we as photographers, loved them. Nothing has changed. I appreciate your purist stance, I don't agree with it, but accept it. However, I feel it is self defeating if you don't succumb just a little. To clean up the noise is easy and it doesn't change the image that you captured, it just makes it technically better. What you saw that motivated you to take the shot is still there, unadulterated. Try it, just the once.

PS. the perfect examples that you have seen at iso3200 were probably in camera jpeg conversions, so effectively post processed by nikon.

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They said it couldn't be done, so I encouraged my peers not to bother.

To his point OP, it is possible to post process in a conservative way that will actually approach reality more closely than just leaving images as is. As the Buddha said, take the middle way.

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