Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO

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In reply to fotolopithecus, Mar 25, 2013

fotolopithecus wrote:

Gary Fischman wrote:

edo21 wrote:

I don't hate post processing, simply i don't like it, but I'm very able to manage files if needed.

I shoot in NEF and all settings (all) are manual. I have thousands of stunning images taken with the D90 also in critical condition.

This makes somewhere close to zero sense. You don't post process, but you shoot RAW? Those two concepts are pretty much mutually exclusive. The "conversion to JPG" *is* post processing - the only difference is that you're accepting whatever defaults your software chooses. Your white balance, saturation, sharpening, etc. - *is* post processing.

Why would you ever want to shoot RAW if you're never going to post process? Its just a waste of storage space.

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He's for lack of a better term, "a purest." He shoots raw because it contains all of the info, and he doesn't like adding subjective touches to it, so he leaves as is in its pristine, if somewhat blander state.

He can't see RAW. A NEF file is not an image so he is making a decision to convert to jpeg/TIFF with the same Picture controls the camera would use (when using Nikon software) or a worse state than that if using third party convertors. In the case of 3rd party conversion.."somewhat blander state" is putting it mildly

I think I understand him, because I hold some of the same feelings, but I do minimally boost contrast, saturation, and sharpen where needed. I think what hes trying to do is accurately document what he sees. I could be full of it, but that's my guess on where he's coming from.

If he really is trying to document what he sees...then a straight conversion from a RAW file using 3rd party not getting him that result.

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