Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO

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Re: Serious doubts on the D7100 at high ISO
In reply to edo21, Mar 25, 2013

edo21 wrote:

Thank you for your replies.
There is no trolling here cause after spending 1.300 euros, in this moment in italy, i just expected something more from the nikon d7100.

I don't hate post processing, simply i don't like it, but i'm very able to manage files if needed.

My choice not to modify the pictures helped me to learn a lot about how to use a camera.

After hundreds thousands of shots with the D90 I can get what I expect, knowing that the usage limit for the D90 is ISO 400. I rent when i need D700 or D3s for works at 800 iso and more.

I shoot in NEF and all settings (all) are manual. I have thousands of stunning images taken with the D90 also in critical condition.
In some photos I posted here after trying the manual settings i tried the aperture priority. Up to now all the images that I use for my works are jpgs, converted and not modified NEF files with View NX
Again, this forum now iis full of D7100 pictures at 3200 ISO that appear perfect.
Unfortunately, these are not the results that I got.
What I would like to share with you is to know if after 5 years from the release of the D90 from a new camera concepts like the D7100 might be expected to arrive in 1600 with good iso files.

Honestly, I think it might just be something were you need to spend more time with the camera to get it set up to your preferences.  The first picture you posted (shown below) was incredibly underwhelming.  The lower half is underexposed and there is some kind of hazy gradient below the horizon line, almost like there was condensation on the lens?  The camera seems to be exposing for the clouds and not the city.  Then there is the extremely poor lighting.  I'd like to see a side by side comparison of the D90 taking the same shot, just to rule out camera/user error.  To me, this just looks like a tourist shot on a rainy day.  Please don't take that as an insult, but just a critical observation of the photo.

In the crop, it looks about as I'd expect an underexposed image to look, but there is still a lot of detail in those images.

So far, my D7100 has exceeded my D7000 in every way, so I'm thinking you either are doing something wrong or the camera might have a defect.

D7100 + Tokina 16-50 F8 1/250 - Iso 1600 - Matrix

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