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Don't think that DxO, DPR, Photozone, etc. are wrong, but it seems that their MTF-50 results don't tell the whole story. Maybe the 7D would have a higher resolution than the 5D if using MTF-5 instead of MTF-50, but that wouldn't tell the whole story either (so maybe it would be a good idea to use both).

Exactly. In the old times, DXOmark had the whole MTF curves. In typical cases, the 5D would be better down to MTF-10 or so, and below that, the 7D would be better - just because it has a larger Nyquist frequency. They did not measaure anything below MTF-5, if I remember it correctly, because then the noise and all errors overtake.

In other words, the 5D would be better in the MTF 10-95 range, and the 7D: in the MTF 5-10 range, roughly speaking. There are lot of other variables though, lenses used, apertures, etc.

Here is a typical chart but there are no labels here. It is not clear what we are looking at.

We can scan charts til the cows come homE. In photographs, it is clear the 5D resolves less.


And it's quite simple - MTF using SFR (as DxO do) does not measure resolution. It measures sharpness.

That's why it's just simpler to look at good quality test images such as this ..

5D3 vs 7D Resolution. ISO100.

If you do the test carefully the difference is plain to see. I wish I had a 5D to do this with - the real difference would be quite staggering I suspect.

I know what you did

Hehe. And hopefully now, after this thread, you know why.

so much for "the crop penalty"

There are disadvantages, and advantages, for each sensor format (as I know you know). But resolving ability is not a "penalty" for crop. In fact, it's not necessarily a "penalty" for either format!

To state the bleeding obvious (well, to most people anyway), sensor size and sensor resolution are independent - just as you can have a 12MP FF sensor vs an 18MP APS-C sensor, you could have a 36MP FF sensor vs a 6.4MP APS-C sensor - and then the FF wouldresolve more.

The main thing to take away is that, the difference, in reality, is quite small and would only ever matter when resolving the most detail is paramount and some hefty cropping will be required. Think some macro work and reach limited photography such as BIF's and so on.

you've convinced me to use my T4i +100L at MFD for the ring shots! Thanks!

I should think it would do an outstanding job, particularly given the lighting would be quite good I imagine.

You, I and many others have been saying all along that the practical difference is moot - I think there remains only one here who still seems to not be convinced.

for over the last year, he sure created his own "definition of resolution" versus the real definition of resolution. Like he did with bokeh -- saying the definition was "bokeh + blur" and was more than the function of the lens

we need to all get together for a beer. I hope he'd laugh at himself for taking us through all this for the last year.

You know - that's just the best idea I've read here for ages! If only it was practical! Hehe.

I'm sure a good social outing combining some shooting, and meal and a few bevies would sort out a lot of these things.

Now, if you'd all like to meet at a pub in The Rocks on Sydney Harbour over Easter - I'll buy the first round!

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