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Steen Bay
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Re: A few points
In reply to The Davinator, Mar 23, 2013

Dave Luttmann wrote:

This discussion has been beaten to death over a couple of years by Peter. Many of us who have worked with these camera files for many years have maintained that the latest aps-c cameras outresolve the 5D. Claims have been made by Peter that this resolution advantage is obvious even with the 5000 pixel wide file is reduced to 2000 pixels wide. So, based upon his samples, and a few others recently, we know the following:

- The 5D has less resolution than the 60D

- The claimed resolution advantage at 2000 pixels wide is not true

- It is obvious that these claims have been made for years when in fact he never actually compared...because if he had, he would have known the truth

This is the problem with a lot of people like Peter. They make assumptions. They think because they went out and bought a camera, they are now an expert on every topic about it. They extrapolate data across different cameras. They misuse data from various sources because they dont understand the principles behind what the data represents. They exclude data that doesnt support their long held biases. They argue down people involved in this at a professional level. They dont seem to understand or acknowledge that these "huge" differences rarely if ever show up in a print of any size. They claim it will on a monitor at 100%....while neglecting to understand photographers dont sell full rez digital files of their work normally to the public.

In the end, we see that all of us who were labelled notorious trolls, fanboys, zealots, emptytalkers, liars, etc, when we said he was wrong....were actually in the right all along.

Peter is simply to stubborn to admit he made a mistake. This also should indicate that he isn't worth the time to listen to as conclusions he reaches are rarely supportable by fact. His burning desire to be perceived as an expert above everyone else has clouded his capability to make judgements based upon real data.

Peter has just been repeating what DxO says, and if DPR tested lenses on 5Dc and 7D, then the conclusion would also be that the 5Dc most often would resolve more lw/ph than 7D. It seems that the MTF-50 results can be kind of misleading, but don't think it's fair to blame Peter for that.

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