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Re: CR2 files posted
In reply to qianp2k, Mar 20, 2013

Here are CR2 RAW Files

Added two with 70-200L/4.0 IS. They are 100% cropped and processed by ACR with zero sharpening and zero NR (all other default) but cut most parts of sky and lawn to save my DPR gallery space.

There is a glitch at the moment to directly insert gallery photos.

ACR 5D + 70-200L/4.0 IS 100% cropped (upsampling 5D2 file to the same size of 60D file 5184x3456 before cropping to 100%)

ACR 60D + 70-200L/4.0 IS 100% cropped

To my eyes, 5D sample not only is sharper but also resolves more details (such as on bricks) at least with this lens. 5D photo also has better default contrast and color.

As I said this time I shoot from too far away under not very good light condition. I will do again in much closer distance under better light condition that will benefits 60D more.

Thank you - most helpful and I do appreciate you making them available.

Now - to the subject at hand ...

It is clear, even with these images (which were shot wide open with the 60D but stopped down one stop with the 5D) that the 60D resolves more detail.

Some examples where this is easy to see - be sure to view these at full size to see the full effects ...

1. Look at the detail in the hair, look at the eyes, look at the lips, look at the curved 'frame' around him ...

60D on left, 5D on right.

2. In this example it is clear that the 5D was completely unable to resolve the chain-wire mesh in the fence, whereas the 60D has managed to capture it reasonable well (considering how far away this was!) ...

60D on left, 5D on right.

3. In this example the DO NOT ENTER sign in the 60D image is readable or close to it whereas the 5D has just rendered a mess. Also, look at the edge on the sign between the red and white areas. Also look at the edges of the slanted timber support in the top left-hand corner - the 60D has done OK but the 5D has rendered a staircase ...

60D on left, 5D on right.

Those three examples are just a few of the many areas where it is obvious. The more you look, the more you see.

It's a shame the 60D didn't have the benefit of the one-stop closed aperture that the 5D enjoyed for this test, but, in any case, it made no difference.

The 60D has clearly resolved more detail.

I was about to post my conversion of the supplied RAW files and make similar observations, when I saw this post. You actually summarized it pretty well. It is clear that 60D has more detail, even if qianp2k intentionally crippled 60D, when he used 24mm wide open (where 24-105 is weak) and closed aperture for the 5D. But nevertheless he again failed to prove his point. Soon I'll post another comparison to visualize some other aspects.

Intentionally? You use a strong word. The reason I used 24mm on 60D is simply because it starts at 24mm and will guarantee at 24mm while I have to guess on 5D. I truly don't have agenda.

I think we can give you that much - though the fact that you even started this thread would probably indicate that you are trying to prove something perhaps.

And thanks again to qianp2k, to post this comparison proving my point :).

But no thanks . You and schemegg seem having agenda and just want to see you already made in your mind.

My "agenda" is simply to have you realise that your continual claims that the 5D out-resolves every crop camera in the Canon line-up is not  correct. I, along with quite a few others I suspect, would like to see this misinformation stop.

Apart from that, I have nothing against the 5D - it was and, to some extent, still is a great camera.

I cannot analyze schemegg's processed photos after his massage in office until I return home tonight. There are many factors involved, such as shallower DOF in 5D photos (in RAW files, you can see where I focus actually. I focus on the school building not stop sign or whatever else).

OK - perhaps a small grab of each shot from DPP showing the actual focus point?

Thing is though, as I've been saying all along, this type of test leaves too many potential areas for inconsistencies. But if you insist on doing it this way and are going to claim that the actual point of focus might affect the outcome, then you need to show us the actual point of focus.

Nevertheless by default 5D files to my eyes are clearly cleaner with better colors and contrast.

This has nothing to do with the resolving abilities and is therefore off-topic.

I can see at least with 70-200L/4.0 IS, it resolves bricks better (where I focus upon).

No - it doesn't. I can't see anywhere in those images (at least where I have looked) where the 5D has resolved more than the 60D.

In real world photos, you need to apply a stronger NR and CA fix in PP on 60D files that will inevitably have to smear some details to get cleaner photos while you need to do much less on 5D files. So you also need to bear all these in mind.


Perhaps, in your next round, as well as the 'better light' tests, you could do some at ISO 3200.

As I said this time I shoot too far away and the weather then was a bit mushy in an overcast day. Once I had chance in much warmer day, I'd do again in much closer distance and may use F5.6 on 60D and F8.0 on 5D.

OK - looking forward to them. The only caveat is that you must make sure you have enough very small detail in the image to begin with. Shooting a subject without fine detail will not allow us to judge the difference. If you intend to shoot from 15 - 20 ft away, then stick the dollar bill in the shot at the point of focus.

And, once again, thanks for the time and effort you've put into these. Aside from my dogged determination to correct the misinformation from you, I really do appreciate the effort you are going to. I hope others do too.

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