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Re: CR2 files posted
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Here are CR2 RAW Files

Added two with 70-200L/4.0 IS. They are 100% cropped and processed by ACR with zero sharpening and zero NR (all other default) but cut most parts of sky and lawn to save my DPR gallery space.

There is a glitch at the moment to directly insert gallery photos.

ACR 5D + 70-200L/4.0 IS 100% cropped (upsampling 5D2 file to the same size of 60D file 5184x3456 before cropping to 100%)

ACR 60D + 70-200L/4.0 IS 100% cropped

To my eyes, 5D sample not only is sharper but also resolves more details (such as on bricks) at least with this lens. 5D photo also has better default contrast and color.

As I said this time I shoot from too far away under not very good light condition. I will do again in much closer distance under better light condition that will benefits 60D more.

Thank you - most helpful and I do appreciate you making them available.

Now - to the subject at hand ...

It is clear, even with these images (which were shot wide open with the 60D but stopped down one stop with the 5D) that the 60D resolves more detail.

Some examples where this is easy to see - be sure to view these at full size to see the full effects ...

1. Look at the detail in the hair, look at the eyes, look at the lips, look at the curved 'frame' around him ...

agree, sharpness, actuance and visual artifacts are not resolution.


60D on left, 5D on right.

It's a shame the 60D didn't have the benefit of the one-stop closed aperture that the 5D enjoyed for this test, but, in any case, it made no difference.

The 60D has clearly resolved more detail.

well, actually he needed a higher f stop on the 5d to be equivalent dof

There's no need to worry about DOF for this particular shot when using an f4 lens - nor the others.

It's more reasonable to use a lens setting that provides a more equal sharpness for a comparison such as this.

So, MAC, if you are trying to pull detail from the scene, wouldn't you set the lens at it's optimum aperture for this purpose in shots such as these, regardless of the sensor size? I know I would.

yes I would, but isn't F4 great on that lens?

Dunno TBH. I'd have though a stop down would have been better though. Usually that's the case - but I don't have that lens - so I can't be 100% sure.

he should have read GB's equivalence which he refuses

F4 * 1.6 = 6.5. He should have used F6.3 instead of 5.6

Scape shots are often difficult to determine where the focus point latched on

therefore, chain link can't be a measure and landscape shots are suspect for comparison

So, after you asked for this type of test MAC, you now don't accept it!

where is his focal point control? You ever whipped out of view a fence at a zoo with a long lens?

Certainly have - but not at that distance! I'm not sure it would be possible at all at that distance with f5.6. TBH - I think your off the mark with that theory.

Why don't you shoot some then? You have the cameras I believe. If you think you can do better - then why not?

Cause I know it is a waste of time! i know already at deep dof -- f4 and above -- and iso 100 -400 where scapes are mostly shot -- that both are great for even enlargements in prints as high as I go - 20x30

Yes - I think most of us do.

Does make me wonder why you kept asking for a test such as this though.

Personally, I think Peter did a reasonable job, and the difference I see is about what I expected to see. Not huge by any means in a practical sense, but never-the-less contrary to Peters claims.

agree - with the dollar shot, some uncertainty with the scape shot in focal point and equivalent dof.

What you see in the "dollar shot" (hehe) will apply to any other shot you care to take. The camera simply resolves less detail. You can see it in all the shots.

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