I Smell a Rat...

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I Smell a Rat...

Anyone else notice the unusually high amount of threads being started by 'members' with 1 to 5 (or thereabout) posts to 'their' credit? Regardless of the forum, too.  New members typically lurk and/or reply to threads...they don't just jump in the fray by starting 'their' own threads.

In addition, has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to invoke a response from a moderator of late? When moderation was first instituted, even the slightest whisper of behavior/decorum that was deemed unacceptable at the most formal of elitist social gatherings was either removed or reprimanded. Now, even when members are calling others 'stupid' or idiots', or are using words on the 'banned list', nothing is done...even when formal complaints are filed.

Here's my theory: When DPR forced moderators on us, there was a backlash by members. Many stopped posting or severely limited their posts, myself included. Amazon most likely said 'What the heck is going on? Why have all the 'hits' and 'click-throughs' suddenly dried up? And why has membership shriveled?'

So how to 'right' the ship?

Tell moderators to back-off on all but the most egregious of misbehavior, and simultaneously create hundreds and/or thousands of fake accounts to stimulate discussion (and 'hits').

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