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qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Sharpness and resolution are not the same thing! But you use them interchangeably!

Well, don't almost everybody do that?

No. They define the two very differently and explain how the relate to each other.

Actually DXOMark uses the two words interchangeably but they don't mean acutance. DXOMark's P-MPix is based on MTF data.

But which MTF data? MTF-50 or MTF-10, or something else? That's the problem here. Guess that the 5Dc has a higher MTF-50 resolution than the 7D, and the 7D a higher MTF-10 resolution than 5Dc.

Photozone call it "MTF (resolution)". Isn't it OK to call it "the MTF-50 resolution", if that's what it is? Would it be better to measure e.g. the MTF-10 resolution? On DxO we could see the full MTF graphs before, but unfortunately not any more.

Because they score a not well understood hybrid subjective measurement now. Good for comparing like formats or different lens on same body. Less useful as an absolute but kind of an "in the ballpark" result.

I agree DXOMark should publish the formula for how they calculate P-MPix, maybe based on average MTF cross entire frame (center, mid-range, edges, corners) mixed with some other tested data in some ohter areas?

For example DXOMark just tested Sigma 35/1.4 on D800 with 23 P-MPix vs 17 P-MPix on 5D2. I think it's about right.

Yes, sounds reasonable, but if comparing the D800 and the D3x, then the scores are 23 vs. 20 P-Mpix, and that's with a very good lens. On average (with other lenses) the D800 only scores 10% higher than the D3x, which isn't much considering that the D800 has 50% more pixels.


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