*** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***

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Re: *** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***
In reply to qianp2k, Mar 19, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Peter does - he continues to claim that a 5D out-resolves an 18MP crop.

I'm busy at the moment so unable to reply in details. Nevertheless please don't twist what I said.

Would you agree that you said that in almost all cases the 5D out-resolves an 18MP crop. I can only recall you mentioning the 300/2.8 IS L II as an exception.

Yes but based on what lenses I used to have and according to DXOMark.

I said clearly throughout posts in many threads that depend on lenses. With all lenses I have before such as 24-105L and 70-200L/4.0 IS...yes 5Dc does outresolve 60D.

No - it doesn't. And so far, from what we can tell from the comparison you posted, your own testing confirms this.

Yes from both DXOMark and from my own tests. My own tests actually confirm what DXOMark tests.

Not from what I've seen - though it's hard to tell the actual difference at the size you've posted them.

I guess you are still in that river in Egypt then.

I have some new lenses now such as 24-70L II and 70-200L II and I will do more tests later. With 24-70L II we can see they are very close and I also want to see with 70-200L II. I believe it's more meaningful to test resolution from a distance at least 50X focus length (outdoor tests are more meaningful in real world photos) not in very close distance (24-70L II is not a macro lens anyway for example). As I said DXOMark might use AVERAGE MTF resolution to calculate its P-MPix number. From so far what I have seen, I don't have indications that DXOMark tests are wrong and actually I think pretty reflect what I have found.

So you still refuse to provide the same detail to each sensor to see which one resolves more?

As the old proverb says .. "The truth is like a door, and you yourself must choose to enter"

Once again - DxO are conducting lens sharpness tests, not comparing the resolving abilities of different sized sensors.

It's not. DXOMark P-MPix is based on MTF data.

Mathematically derived from acutance tests. Do you even know what this means with reference to how much a sensor can resolve?

I happen save some old DXOMark tests snapshots in MFT that shows 5Dc with 24-105L outresolves with 7D.

No - they show that a 5D with a 24-105 shooting a target from a different distance has higher acutance. They do not, however, make any definitive statement about which sensor can resolve more.

And who mentioned anything about the 7D? It's irrelevant which 18MP crop is used. Could it be your irrational dislike of the 7D creeping in here? Hmm.

The door bill was taken in very close distance (macro mode) just outside the min focus distance, and still is only a very small center area. Outside tests in the schoo park for example is more meaningful.

Is it? Why? What if you wish to shoot a dollar bill near minimum focus distance and resolve the most detail? Which camera would you use?

It's just too far away. Next time as I said I will test just cross the building from 30 meters away to see clearly. Even I enlarged 5D to 60D's size with 24-70L II, I can see they are pretty the same in center but 5D is sharper and at least has the same details at sides.

Sharpness and resolution are not the same thing! But you use them interchangeably!

First you talk about the 5D out-resolving an 18MP crop, then you say it's sharper! They are different things! As I said before (did you even read it?), it's quite possible for an image to be sharper and have less resolution. (and round and round we go!)

It would be fair to say from you images that the difference is not significant either way.

DXOMark's only give 1 P-MPix difference with 24-70L II and they might use average MTF resolution cross entire frame (center, mid-range, edges and corners) to calculate P-MPix, and I believe their results are accurate.

Probably. They are probably accurate mathematical derivations of acutance tests - yes. They do not, however, tell you which sensor is capable of resolving more detail, nor is that their purpose.

You see wiht 70-200L/4.0 IS that narrow down the building much "closer" we can see 5D is obviously better (as I said there is absolutely no mis-focus issues from 60D that only enjoys advantage thru precise 10x LV MF and I also tried AF).

Lets see the raw files shall we.

Here is their testing protocol ... please take note of the target and then explain how this enables them to determine the resolving abilities of different sized sensors.

I await your enlightenment!

Nothing on this then?

Perhaps you need more time - I'm probably rushing you a bit - my apologies.

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