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Re: Well done
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qianp2k wrote:

MAC wrote:

Sovern wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

I see the 5D has very slightly better corners, and the 60D is slightly better in the center and middle areas. This definitely shows that you never saw an advantage in resolution or sharpness after the files were reduced to 2000 pixels wide.

That said, the test seems well executed...at least at my cursory glance. Not sure why you chose DPP as it is probably the worst raw converter for detail and would harm the results from both the 5D and 60D.

In all fairness, I think you did a good, and fair job. That said, it shows the 5D resolves less....so please, no more posts about the rez.

Well done.

I disagree. The 5Dc very obviously resolves more detail than the 60D.

Remember, I use a crop factor camera...I am not biased.

The differences are quite large on my large monitor.

no, just like the prior thread in the lens forum

The crop sensor resolves more in the center

and the 5dc at the edges

T4i is amazing camera btw -- Bryan at The Digital Picture Site talks about how Canon tuned the Raw files at 1dx sharpness levels.

These are processed -- zero on the LR sharpness slider

After I returned from Cancun trip, and temperature warming up. I will do again in closer distance in the school park by moving just cross the school building. It will be a perfect test site as I will face entire walls of bricks. Will test 24-70L II from about only 30 meters away. Will bring 70-200L II to test.

My dollar bill was taken in macro mode just outside the min focus distance. What you see is a tiny center area that only frames the bill (I cropped out 2/3 outside frame to save space). I will test again by shooting from a bit far distance, and also with 70-200L II.

All my tests in OP on tripod. 60D photos were taken by 10x LV precise MF focus, and I also tried AF, and fired 3 shots on each lens-camera combo. So I had 6 60D with 70-200L/4.0 IS for example, and they are all look identical. Absolutely no miss-focus issue and actually 5D has disadvantage because it doesn't have LV.

In your test, 5D center is about the same as T4i at this size. I don't see much difference.

the whole card is in the center of the frame.  you see what you see because you are looking for sharpness versu resolution, which are two different parameters.  Look at the fine print which is clearly more easily resolved in the center of the overall shot on the T4i.

So much for dxo!

dxo rates 7d + 70-200 F2.8 L = MPix 8

dxo rates 5d + 70-200 F2.8 L = MPix 11

How can this be?  The T4i like your 60d out resolves the 5dc in the center!

3 MPix difference?

dxo is a joke if you try to line up values across platforms

5D side is noticeable sharper and at least the same detailed. I can see purple fringe (CA) in T4i easily.

I have no problem removing

look at the fine print on the 5dc in te center of the fram -- it turned more colors than the fine print for the T4i.

For a sensor 2.56 smaller, the T4i does very well against the 5dc.

You were attributing a crop penalty when one doesn't exist -- because you were relying on numbers from sites that are nonsense when you use those sites to compare resolution across different formats.  Even TDP site's visuals across formats should not be used -- they were taken at different distances across formats.

your process of looking at these sites have confused you.

Now you and I and the fella from Bulgaria all get the same results -- and this trumps MPix - which should not be used across formats

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