*** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***

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Re: *** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***
In reply to The Davinator, Mar 18, 2013

Dave Luttmann wrote:

rebel99 wrote:

Sovern wrote:

The differences that I'm seeing is that the 5D photos are more crisp and have less noise. The 60D photos actually look slightly blurry or hazy and have more noise compared to the 5D photos.

Before anyone calls me a fanboy or w/e I use a crop factor 40D so there is no bias here.

Anyone that says that MP's are more important than sensor size such as the 5Dc which has a 2.5X bigger sensor than the 60D are not well educated on the topic or else cheap micro 4/3rd cameras would be outperforming the 5Dc and the 5Dmkii.

i agree with your points, i think 5D photos have much more pleasing contrast and crispness as compared to slight overexposed and harsh looking photos of 60D! but then again, some obsessed minds will want nothing but the latest gear, whether acceptable in performance or not


None of the photos are over exposed. They were processed as part of a resolution test...nothing else. See,s like you're seeing what you want to see.

"The Emperors New 5D Classic"

To be fair though, everyone has their preferences as to what they like - no problem with that. Problems do arise, however, when people continually assert with unwavering conviction things that are demonstrably false.

Anyway, I await the macro test and all the raws. They will tell the true story - and, as I can't get my hands on a 5D any more to do this myself, I am actually genuinely interested in the real difference (which, I suspect, and as MAC says, is pretty trivial for most applications)

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