*** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***

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Re: *** 5Dc vs 60D resolution test ***
In reply to MAC, Mar 18, 2013

MAC wrote:

schmegg wrote:

In the previous test, the OP very wisely provided the raw files with full EXIF attached. This makes his results verifiable by others.

but, his results match the prior op's and they match mine

And mine.

So, where are the raw files qianp2k?

Without them I afraid that your copious outspoken posts leaning in only one direction on this topic pretty much negates anything the images may or may not show.

For a start - those images are too small. I do believe it was you that kept calling for 5000 pixel wide images for a decent comparison.

you got to pixel peep to see any difference, which makes the exercise not relevant to real world shooting and deliverable s anyway

Depends. Cropping in hard, reach limited and macro situations might matter more though.

We need to see the raw files for ourselves (with full EXIF) if you are going to convince anyone of anything here. Otherwise, I'm afraid that it's just more of the same from you - despite what these images seem to imply (which is totally opposite to what you have been claiming all this time).

He's convince Dave, me, others. You think he's switching EXIF's? Conspiracy theory -- between prior Op in Bulgaria, and two US posters? LOL - Now that is Hilarious

No - didn't even look at the EXIF. To be honest, I don't think he would do that.

But I'd like to get the raw files all the same. The images he presented certainly don't allow a decent comparison of the difference.

BTW - where is the macro test? I still await a test from you that delivers exactly the same image detail to each sensor - the only sure way to tell which sensor can resolve more detail.

Equivalency Estimations between formats requires the same distance and FOV. You want same distance, but much narrower AOV for crop. Not valid.


Of course it's valid.

As I've said to you before, consider a macro shot where you want maximum magnification of a very small subject - a situation where resolution really does matter a lot - arguably more than in almost any other shooting situation.

In this situation, the detail available at the sensor plane, as projected by the lens, is identical, and the best resolving camera will record more detail.

We all know what the answer is, but I'd still like to see Peter do this.

Just like DXO and TDP move the crop sensor backwards for same FOV -- which negates their equivalency determinations.

Photozone correctly says -- 11 times they say it on one page -- you can't compare their numbers across different formats

Correct - partially because the detail present at the sensor plane is different due to the tests begin conducted at different distances. The very thing the macro test eliminates!

When I compare with those sites -- I stay in the same format

Me too. Anyone who doesn't is making a mistake - though telling them this often proves incredibly difficult! Hehe!

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