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Chinese fur trade, animal cruelty

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Here's one of the video's
In reply to aus4ever, Mar 15, 2013

aus4ever wrote:

Excellent. Now you and Gray have your own thread instead of hijacking someone else's.

First thing first, the video about Chinese cruelty, I email PETA with my full details to ask for more details, they have not responded and doubt if they would because that video is 8 years old and the case settled. See below. I emailed the Chinese Consulate in Sydney through my friend and I would follow up in two weeks' time.



The State Forestry Administration (SFA) is set to offer training courses for fur farmers. Legislation was drafted in September 2009 to address any cruelty to animals in China. If passed, the legislation would regulate how farm animals are raised, transported and slaughtered. In 2005, animals right group The Swiss Animal Protection accused the Chinese of skinning fur-bearing animals including the Asiatic raccoon while still alive, and produced a controversial video on the subject.[34] The fur industry in Europe was shocked and requested the original unedited footage, the Swiss animal rights group refused to supply the unedited footage, fueling more speculation that the footage was staged. Though the footage unedited or not, is overtly convincing, featuring situations that would be improbable to fabricate. The China Fur Commission and China Leather Industry Association also challenged the authenticity of the video, stating: "Pictures showing animals being skinned alive are obviously plotted. All those with common sense would not choose this slaughter method to attain fur." The government of Suning County, Hebei Province also issued a statement outlining welfare practices on its fur farms, calling the alleged practice of skinning animals alive "unimaginable", and urging Swiss Animal Protection Organization to "respect the truth".]

If you open the link labeled [34] in the above, it is the same video which was taken back in 2005. It's not recent and should have already been addressed by the Chinese government.

Secondly, I am not sure about other countries, it's just that China and Canada are the two countries got caught by video, named and shamed by PETA. If you have watched and listened to this footage, you should see that Canadians killed baby seals in more or less the same manner as those people in China.


In fact Canadians are killing tens of thousands of baby seals every year (38,000 in 2011). According to the video, most of those baby seals were less than 3 months old, didn't know how to swim, and not even have had their first solid meal yet; and around 42% of the baby seals were skinned alive.

This has been happening for years, long before the Chinese went into the fur business.
So Kev, in your friend's words, or your own words:


I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a sociologist and education prof who designs learning programmes for the BC school system....and he said.

This is a very unusual form of brutality...because most humans after a very short amount of exposure to extreme animal suffering....psychologically repel from it....and would be mentally compelled to actually KILL the animal before skinning it alive.

To actually witness (and be in close contact) with the horrendous screams and awful body contortions, etc. and to witness such an enormous amount of suffering...on a daily basis...is beyond normal human evil.

It's "outside' the normal level of human brutality endurance.

I could tell that he was not only shocked with regard to the actual animal cruelty itself...but also very surprised that any culture could maintain it at this kind of level.

So what have you done so far other than pointing at other people?

I am not defending that group of Chinese for their brutality; I have a strong feeling of injustice because I can see from your posts in the past two days that you are attempting to paint all Chinese black, and without saying, I also see hypocrisy.

And here we see that for some nationalist BS is more important than human behaviour.

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