New Canon on 22nd March?

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Re: 70D in trouble ???
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howardroark wrote:

People must be used to Canon always having the latest and greatest while everyone else plays catch up. That's the only explanation for the perception that Canon has fallen behind when the only big change has been one product release cycle from Nikon impressing some people. Canon can't get technology out the door on the exact same schedule as every other company they compete with, but the attention spans and expectations of some people just itch for something to amaze, entertain, and possibly provide more fodder for forum debate.

Another thing that stuns me about the fools talking about Canon scrapping their in-house sensor development is the fact the perception of Canon as a camera company. No, Canon isn't in laptops and TV's like Sony (don't correct me, I know Sony makes everything except kitchen sinks.....probably have a subsidiary that does, though), but Canon is a huge company with a huge R&D budget. They make some of their sensors in house because they're good at it and they can afford it. Nikon, no matter whose sensor they're using this week, were forced to compete in digital only because of Canon.....and that rivalry and its influence on the exploding DSLR market forced Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Panasonic, etc. to finally come up with some interesting ideas. People blame Canon for being slow to react and fail to recognize that their deep investment in DSLR technology is the only reason they have their cute little ILC.

Oh well, people just want to be entertained and feel like their opinion matters to camera companies. Unless they have the same or similar opinion a few million other people (an exaggeration) then camera makers probably don't know they exist.

Yes it's much easier to complain that Canon haven't done this, or done that than it is to take the responsibility for the possibility of hundreds of thousands of unsold cameras if you as the manufacturer doesn't get it right.  As a consumer the only decision you need to make is whether you buy an item or not, nothing more.  And your decision really has no impact on anyone else, other than perhaps your bank manager / wife / children.

What saddens me is the arrogance (stupidity?) of some people who naively state that Canon (or Nikon, or Sony) should be able to do whatever they personally want without the knowledge of what is involved, either of production process, technology, product planning or anything else really. Ah well!

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