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Lin Evans
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Re: Why do I post here?
In reply to Richard Franiec, Mar 13, 2013

Richard Franiec wrote:


Hi Lin,

I very much appreciate your response. Especially the tone of it.

We don't have to agree or disagree on everything, that would be against basic nature of individual mind and perception which all of us were blessed with.

In nature every action provokes reaction for a good reason of balancing things out and return to harmony. In environment we created for our human race not everything is so simple because we tend to "discover" and alter things to better suit our needs and desires. A lot we don't know or is outside of our control. Yet we will always interfere on reflex... especially to another human being. On an end we'll all have to pedal back to basics trying to find the equilibrium in order to save ourselves.


BTW, first thumb up to your post is mine.


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Hi Richard,

Absolutely, agreement or not, there is no reason conversations and discussions can't be completely civil and friendly. I don't lose my temper too often, and I try not to continually impose my opinion about the same subject. I like to express it as rationally as I can and then leave it. I really see no need to repeat the same complaint or glowing admiration in every post. I believe in treating every new person who comes to the forum with the utmost respect and try to answer any questions they might have which I have any insight on, but sometimes I lose my cool as I did with RonJG, not specifically because of his opinion about a simple snapshot, but because of past repeated experiences with both his present and past incarnation here on the forum. I will try to either be civil, or in the case I feel very strongly about someone's behavior, just ignore them in the future. Sometime I think that might be the best way to deal with strong differences of opinion in the first place.

Best regards,


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