When will Nikon design lens for Dx as a system?

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sshoihet wrote:

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EKB wrote:

I expect that you're right about 55mm being too close to the existing 50mm lenses. I'd find it too close to be worth buying, anyway. On the other hand, I'd be tempted by a 60mm f/1.8, and a 65mm or 70mm f/1.8 DX lens would pop to the top of my "next lens to get" list.

The gap between 50mm (75mm FX equivalent) and 85mm (127mm FX equivalent) isn't just any old gap on DX - it's a gap that includes the best focal lengths for portraits. So I believe Nikon would get good sales if it introduced one or two DX primes to fill that gap: Either a 65mm f/1.8, a 70mm f/1.8, or both a 60mm and a 70mm f/1.8 DX lens.

Absolutely agree that Nikon should provide a 65mm or 75mm f/1.8 DX (actually, I guess it could be made FX at that focal length without gaining too much size and weight). The 50mm and 85mm, good as they are, covers each end of the classic portrait range, so a 65mm or 70mm would be right in the sweet spot. But the lack of key lenses is part of the frustration of being a DX user - there's nothing wrong with the sensor size or cameras, but Nikon should really update and fill in the gaps in the DX lens line-up. As it is now, it is hard not to occasionally feel that one should take the plunge to FX to achieve a better rounded lens line-up - but there's a cost of switching, and its really overkill for my needs and for what I want to spend on what is a hobby only.

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Funny, i've got a 35, 50, and 90 mm prime as well as a 17-50mm and 80-200mm zoom and I'm not feeling that frustration... what is it that you think that missing lens is going to do for you that you can't do now? If you're shooting portraits and it's shallow dof you're after, you should be shooting FX. Good used D700 bodies can be found now for very reasonable prices. DX is great but it's not the best tool for every job.

Not the best tool, but a good-enough tool for a much lower cost. Switching to FX would set me back some $2000-4000. A 65 or 70mm f/1.8 DX, on the other hand, would have an expected price of $200-400, and would get me 80% of the way there for 10% of the price.

DX is good enough. Or it would be if Nikon offered a better selection of good-enough DX lenses to go along with their good-enough DX bodies.

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