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yvind Strm
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Re: How stupid do you think
In reply to mrkr, Mar 12, 2013

mrkr wrote:

the people on this forum are?

Not sure what you mean. But it must have something to do with the perception of RonJs first post, since you qoute it. (Btw, you forgot to quote whole of my post, not even indicating it was more.)

You think people would be stupid if they buy into my reasoning? That I suggest we respond civil? I can't speak for those not responding, but I can count. 9 shared your view. 14 shared my view. Are those 14 the stupid ones?

So you consider: Lin Evans, DaSigmaGuy, D Cox, Gary Mercer, SigmaChrome, Dan Daniel, Johan Borg, Atom14, Idiliic, Mike earussi, Ceistinne, Laurence Matson ( a very, very good answer), dMillier, mroy, Charles2 and Gunther Borgermeister stupid?


Or is the stupid ones the 9 who were uncivil? Or those not doing either?

For the record, let me qoute what you left out:

"In that specific thread, 9 persons attacked (or voiced support for the attackers). If those 9 had managed to shut up, and let the 14 people that DID try to help (or acknowledge the helping attempt) do their thing, the thread would be an educational one to read for newcomers, and RonJs impression, and subsequent reactions would been different.

To make the picture somewhat more complete, 2 of the 9 later appologized for the initial assumption of him being a troll.

I must also stress that in that particular thread, you (Lin) did try to help, and so did DaSigmaGuy, D Cox, Gary Mercer, SigmaChrome, Dan Daniel, Johan Borg, Atom14, Idiliic, Mike earussi, Ceistinne, Laurence Matson ( a very, very good answer), dMillier, mroy, Charles2 and Gunther Borgermeister. (Hope I didn't leave out any helpful contributor)

Those posters (including yours) is excellent examples of how we SHOULD respond to anyone, regardless of how they phrase their claims or questions."  (the last were for Lin Evans)

yvind Strm wrote:

Lin, I do agree that many of this statements are way over the line, and as such I do not defend them. But you can't take them out of context like that. Where are the insults that led to those comments? Maybe not directly, but through repeated attacks.

RonJs comments were not like that in the beginning. Neither was any other posters that came here first time.

Often a poster comes here, and may have an unfortunate wording. And this is where it goes wrong - if there is any chance that it is a troll, he is jumped at. Especially if he has a low post count. RonJ is not the first this has happened for.

I think the first thread RonJ started is worth taking a look at. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50529614

I find it rather typical of what happens when someone comes to the forum with a statement or question, that may or may not be a troll post.

Luckily, in that thread, it is a majority of helpful people, that don’t jump at him. But several does, with support from others.

This is the general rule – the new posters are attacked first, and not only by one. In some instances, the OP has managed to remain calm, but often the attacks results in a angered person, which responds in kind. And then the spiral starts. And in the end "proves" that he was just another "troll". I would say "created" by the attackers. Almost always. Sadly, this seems like standard procedure.

The first post of that guy is actually worth a look at:

'Have I been ripped off?

Just bought an SD1M and am disappointed with image size.

I was informed that the image size from the SD1M was 46mp. That cannot be because when I take a jpg and display it to fill my 27" screen, it is at 77% enlargment

Nikon D800 at full screen is only 34% enlargement.

I also noticed the Sigma images are only 180 dpi whereas the Nikon ones are 300 dpi.

Am I doing something wrong here or is the advertising duff?'

And you take him serious?

3 months ago

Please continue with your ill-advised posts - the more the merrier.

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Kind regards

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