Do you have six minutes to watch a video?

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Re: I will not and could not watch the video you posted
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PhD4 wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

I waited for a while so I could cool off from this post. First ... why spoil a good intentioned thread by OP.

Second Knowing how I feel about cruelty of animals why would you you reiterate the theme of your post instead of just answering my post . I will not and could not watch the video you posted. I have a better imagination than most. My job over 40 years. I really resent you planting images in my mind.

I feel the people who do this should be lined up and shot twice, once in the guts and one in the head.

It has been painfully obvious that the Chinese have no respect for human lives and are cruel to animals. They will eat anything that walks or crawls or flies. They would eat the last fish in the world. The goverment of China will only make a token effort to correct this is if the rest of the world tells them they are "primitive, sub-human..." They will save face like many other primitive cultures in Asia.

Can you imagine fighting a war with people like that. My logic says no negotation the only way to cure is anniliation.

I came across this video while browsing through PETA's website. Not imagination, just proof that not only Chinese are capable of cruelty. You can bury your head in sand not to watch it.

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What is wrong with you idiots, that makes you want to hijack and post this stuff in someone else's thread ?

Is it that you and Kev can't stand something decent happening ?

You want to bring everyone else down to your level ?

Why not start one of your own and you guys can cry and get hugs from each other....

Wooohoo, the unemployed kid that spends hours each day in an off-topic forum writing dumb stuff tries to be manly.


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