IQ of 7d w 15-85mm Vs 6d w 24-105mm?

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Re: Well then
In reply to qianp2k, Mar 12, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

schmegg wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Well then, since we are on a roll...lets try another example photo that totally proves my point

something pretty wrong in this photo, oversaturated that looks surreal, soft and mushy. I don't know how you shoot the picture as 5D2 should be able to deliver much sharper and detailed photo.

Still not getting it then? LOL!

No, please explain to me. If he is trying to demo 7D resolution, it's a complete joke from that large size 7D photo. His 5D2 photo was not taken well either from all aspects.

I agree. But that should be telling you something about his meaning perhaps.

I really don't know what's your point? Your 7D has more resolution? That must be a joke from that large size 7D photo from you that is so noisy and mushy what fine details resolved?

Syntax! Please! Those sentences are very poorly constructed.

Yes. I didn't check and forgot separate sentences.

No worries. It does happen a bit with your good self though - and it detracts from the point you are trying to make.

Seems to me that every time you start losing control of the situation, you also lose the ability to properly construct your sentences.

haha, for another excuse that I heard before when someone start losing and shifting topic.

No - not trying to "shift the topic" - just saying.

BTW - is it your contention that everyone who disagrees with you must own a 7D? Hehe.

Not at all. I am talking APS-C in general and often I used my 60D as an example. However for some reasons, only a few 7D shooters are extremely sensitive as their holygrails are beaten even by a 8-yr-old 5Dc. Only they are so arguing, wondering why?

That's just rubbish and I'll treat it accordingly.

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