IQ of 7d w 15-85mm Vs 6d w 24-105mm?

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24-105L on 6D will have much better IQ - sharper, resolve more details, better color tonality, better DR, better SNR (which means less noises/grains in entire ISO range) and of course much better high ISO.

DXOMark 24-105 on 5D2 vs 15-85 on 7D

DXOMark 6D vs 7D sensor test

DXO says the 6d & lens combo has 50% better sharpness. That is huge and I hope that is accurate. 20% better sharpness would be worth it to me.

The reason FF set is sharper is because it has 1.6x less pixel magnfication.

That would indicated a misunderstanding of the things that affect sharpness.

Crop magnification and penalty from pixel enlargement are well known in photography world. Otherwise nobody should buy a native 600mm lens that is big and heavy. You could save money and your muscle to have a much cheaper and lighter 300mm on mFT (2.0x crop) if they can deliver same IQ.

How does that relate to sharpness...could your rephrase?

Perhaps related to the cloak surrounding M-pix. First, it is important to compare systems at the same DOF when discussing sharpness. You may have not considered that. To compare sharpness you need to start from Equivalent photos.

That's rubbish. Totally non-sense because you shoot APS-C at F5.6 I must shoot FF at F8? In most

Again, unrelated to sharpness in this context.

That's rubbish. Totally non-sense because you shoot APS-C at F5.6 I must shoot FF at F8? In most scenes, even F4 on FF is enough. What you said is another operation advantage in low light that you can hand-held your APS-C with deeper DOF. But technically you can mount FF on tripod to have the same DOF. So it's operation advantage not possibility related. Moreover it's subjective which one is better - deeper or shallower DOF. I prefer shallower DOF most times to make my main subject to popup rather everything appears in focus but nothing to popup therefore look relative flat and dull (usually photos from small sensors look).

FF has better DOF control than crop but not other way around. You can achieve very shallow DOF with fast prime on FF that your crop simply cannot do, and you can achieve more DOF and can use much higher F number (to slow down waterfall for example) that your crop cannot do before subjecting obvious diffraction.

Check these 24-70L samples that many were taken at F2.8 even in a deep church and I don't see DOF issue.

24-70L II samples 

Again, you seem to completely misunderstand how to compare and the role equivalence plays in it. Your examples point to that misunderstanding. I have more tutorials if you think it might be of help.

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