New Canon on 22nd March?

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Re: New Canon on 22nd March?
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jrkliny wrote:

I have never understood the use of the term Megapixel Wars. That term implies some sort of wasteful, non-productive competition. Only a decade or so ago digital cameras had few megapixels and provided poor image quality. I started with a miserable 3 mp camera and my current model has 18 mp and provides better image quality and better low light performance than high quality 35mm film cameras. I don't think these advances qualify as some sort of wasteful war. I also hope these advances are not over.

The reason many of us refer to them as "war" is similar to the reason there was an HD format "war" between HD DVD and Blu Ray around the same time. There were two ways of thinking and they were like the old saying "there are only two kinds of people in this world" because there were very few people who were on the fence about the issue of more pixels versus better pixels. For a long time improvement came in the form of more pixels. There were very tiny technological advances in the pixels themselves but big manufacturing advances in getting more pixels on a chip. People wanted higher resolutions, but we also really, really wanted better image quality in the form of lower noise/higher useful ISO's (not to mention better dynamic range).

A lot of companies were making huge jumps in pixel count but the noise got worse and worse. It seemed like DSLR's were heading the same way. Notice how many camera models over the last few years had fewer pixels than their previous iteration? The manufacturers were starting to realize consumers were wising up and the Best Buy salesman couldn't simply say (as they very often did) "more megapixels means better image quality." It CAN mean better image quality, but lots of people were figuring out the lens, noise, dynamic range, zoom, and other important considerations for a camera.

Watching Canon's slow to non-existence progress in sensor design for the past few years you might conclude that progress has reached a plateau. I still think we will see some substantial improvements in the next few years. I am inclined to believe that camera manufacturing is overdue for some competition. Canon and Nikon seem like two peas in the same pod. Let us hope that China or some other country will enter the game and get competition moving. It is time to see the end of the phony megabuck pricing for cameras, lenses and accessories.

I disagree. Canon has been developing larger pixels on a chip while maintaing the same megapixel count (back-illuminated CMOS), better microlenses, video capability (I don't care much about), on-chip Phase Detect AF sensors, and they've simply waited longer to put those improvements into play in higher resolution chips. They have created new production lines for G1 X chips, 6D, 5D Mark III, EOS M, but I do agree that since the 7D and 60D (and whatever Rebel we're on) the changes haven't been as mind blowing and obvious. They've been using much more precise AF sensors on recent cameras also. I think they're getting ready to getting these advances refined and incorporate better versions into higher megapixel chips.

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