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D Cox
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Re: Why do I post here?
In reply to ChromeLight, Mar 9, 2013

ChromeLight wrote:

Purple/green splotches are called noise. If you shoot at +.7 exposure compensation it will help. I don't take Foveon cameras over ISO 400. In high contrast situations where you are preserving highlights you will still tend to underexpose dark areas and might get the noise.

You get similar chroma noise in other cameras, as well as Sigma.

To be honest, if these things bother you I would just keep one Foveon camera and use a D800 for your more general work. Use the Foveon for those times when you know you will be shooting within the 'performance envelope' of the Foveon camera--i.e., good natural light. Use a bayer camera for everything else. I used to have an SD9, SD14 and an SD1. (I regret selling my SD1.) I miss the Foveon colors.

Complaining about Foveon is like complaining that Suzuki doesn't make a two door convertible turbo charged car. You're right. They don't, and they never will. So move on to Porsche and stop complaining.

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