Just Released...Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List

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Re: Just Released...Canon EOS 7D Mark II Spec List
In reply to Mark B., Mar 8, 2013

If you recall, the 7D originally listed for $1,700. Assuming there is a 7DII, it will be priced close to this. The 60D successor I would expect will be priced closer to the $1,200 price point, so $500 give or take is plenty of separation.

The XXD line has been around for almost a decade and a half. The only time they have downgraded the body to a smaller, lighter body was with the 60D and they used that opportunity to bring the cost further down. At the same time they released the 7D at a slightly higher price point, no doubt keeping the two a little further apart in order to justify the higher price. The 7D also introduced some features that were really groundbreaking at the time. The higher-end lines (1D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 60D) are much less dynamic in the speed of change than lower end lines as evidenced by slower cycle times in the release of new models. The Rebel releases are like clockwork because they need to keep things fresh, but the higher end of the spectrum wins people over with advanced features that will keep them happy for much longer.

Be that as it may, an advance in technology has to come every once in a while and at a reasonable price. The separation in price points doesn't change very quickly and I totally agree with you. The 70D won't be discontinued nor will it be integrated with a higher line after making such a dramatic change to bring it down closer to a consumer price point rather than enthusiast or pro. The 7D was created to bridge the gap between the new lower end 60D and the much more expensive 5D line. They cared enough to come out with a great firmware update to the 7D which signals in my mind a dedication to the line.

I anticipate the new 7D integrating a new generation of Canon sensors...the trickle down effect in Canon tech is well known, and the 18MP sensor in the 7D was common to the lower models.  I'd bet money that Canon has been investing in new sensor tech and production lines so that they wouldn't have to waste so much money on these constant incremental changes, especially when their 18MP sensor was so successful and could itself be improved through the use of advances less expensive to take advantage of.

I don't expect a revolutionary change, but I think the next cameras will include some rock-solid technology we can appreciate.

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