New Canon on 22nd March?

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Re: New Canon on 22nd March?
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+1 Exactly.

When folks complain that a camera is "crippled," (which, by the way, is a very poor choice of adjectives for cameras like the t4i or the 6D, which are quite capable of capturing spectacular images), it would be good to consider the options that Canon, Nikon, et al. are actually providing to those of us in the photography market.  On the one hand, they produce a high-end camera with a fairly complete feature set.  By reducing the feature set (i.e., "crippling the camera") available on a camera like the 6D, Canon has, by no means, limited your choices; rather they have expanded your choices. You can pay a bit more and get a 5D3, or you can pay a bit less and get the same image quality with a few less bells and whistles in the 6D.  Choices are good.

Ah, but the complainers will jump all over this as a nefarious marketing scheme, saying that (in many cases) the features that were left out were really just differences in firmware, and thus the company could have provided them at no extra cost.  Actually, that's not true either.  OK if the company only built one camera for one customer, that would be true.  Given that we are talking about products built on a large scale for a large market, the economic realities are much different.  In a large stratified market such as the photo equipment market, the consumer base is stratified into consumers with the ability and/or need to pay top dollar for the most complete products that are technically possible; there are also many more potential customers who cannot afford to pay $3500 for a camera body, but might enter the market and settle for a more modest feature set for a somewhat lower price.

If the manufacturer only provides cameras for the 5D3 market (or the 1DX market), they will lose the volume advantage of those who would buy in at the lower price point.  Similarly, if all they produce are cameras at the 6D price, they lose the profitablity of the higher price point cameras.

So you say, so what?  Just "uncripple" the 6D and make it act like a 5D3 for $2000, right?  The problem is that with R&D, and marketing costs spread over the whole line, they couldn't sell you a 6D for $2k if that was the only price point available.  The economic fact is that when a company like Canon has a high-end like the 1DX, a mid-range like the 5D3, and an economic version like the 6D, the company is actually able to sell all three ranges of cameras at considerably lower price points than they could do if they only covered 1 or 2 segments of the market.  So, the bottom line is that the so-called "crippling" is actually not such a bad thing if it expands your range of choices, and lowers costs across the entire market.

OK, end of rant.

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