will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

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Vera Cognome
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Re: will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?
In reply to Shotcents, Mar 7, 2013

Shotcents wrote:

Then shame on Mansurov if he could not tell the difference between the VRIII and VRII systems. We were able to consistently hold the newer 70-200 at lower shutter speeds.

The royal We?  Really?  Read Mansurov's review yourself.

But you're suggesting WHAT exactly? That VRIII is the SAME as VRII and the 3rd generation VR is just hype? If that's the case why not just say the new lens has VRIII and make everyone happy?

I'm saying that it may well be the same VR technology in both lenses, but it either is more effective on shorter lenses or Nikon is now measuring differently.

Nikon only badges a lens VR-II if it's the second version.  One day, it might badge a lens VR-III, but it hasn't yet.  If you check, only Nikon USA says the 80-400mm has a "second generation" VR system.  You know, the same site that still has the maximum reproduction ratio wrong for the 70-200mm f/2.8?  Main Nikon.com site?  Nope.  Nikon UK site?  Nope.

Sigh. How exhausting. Why don't you actually stop going blind reading about other people's tests and go try shooting some glass for yourself?

Just like you've made your "I hate" judgement about the 80-400mm VR?  I don't judge lenses.  I judge markets and people.  Your behavior is utterly predictable; you like to complain.  I've seen it in clients all too often.  Since I don't make my money off of y'all, I don't have to pretend I don't notice.

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