will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?

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Vera Cognome
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Re: will you pre-order your new 80~400mm or wait for (fill in the blank) ?
In reply to Shotcents, Mar 7, 2013

The VRIII is better than what I have in my VRII. There's no "hype" when a feature actually expands the versatility of a tool. I've used the VRIII enabled 70-200 F4 and the VR is BETTER

And what makes you think that the difference isn't due to the lenses?  Even Mansurov couldn't be sure.

And one stop better or 1/3 stop better VR is BETTER. It would have been BETTER to have that capability at 400mm in some situations. That would make the lens MORE attractive both for taking photos AND for marketing. And that would be BETTER.

If you'd stop whining and actually look at what Nikon claims, you'll see that there's a teensy-weensy widdle difference between the claim for the 70-200mm f/4 and the new lens:

70-200mm f/4:  "5 stops under Nikon's test conditions"

80-400mm f/4.5~5.6:  "minimizes camera shake by offering a shutter speed equivalent to 4.0 stops faster (at 400 mm; based on CIPA Standard)"

Anything about the CIPA standard for the 70-200mm f/4?  Nope, the only other lens where Nikon cites the CIPA standard for VR is the 800mm f/5.6.  Nikon could make the first claim even if the 70-200mm only offered 5 stops at 70mm, and then only under special conditions.  So whether you scream or not, you don't know if it's BETTER at the long end or not.  You only know it doesn't have enough letters for you.

That's the nice thing about marketing.  With a little spin, and you can slice and dice your claims to the target market.  You know -- the people you actually buy lenses instead of find excuses not to buy them.

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