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Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

Started Mar 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Posts like this one are crap...
In reply to afterburn, Mar 5, 2013

afterburn wrote:

My eyes are extremely sensitive to display flicker and I can't tell anything with LED displays. To me, it is not even a contest. CCFL is crap. It's uneven, it's dim and it ages rather quickly. After a year of use, there is already a visible degradation of brightness and you'll be lucky if it lasts beyond 5 years, though long before you get there you'll probably replaced it already since the backlight became too dim.

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Gijs from The Netherlands
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Making blanket statements like this does nothing to further the discussion and help the OP. The reality is that there are good CCFL displays just like there are good quality LED displays; there are also poorly-made displays using both kinds of backlighting. Aside from the longevity difference, high quality CCFL displays do not suffer from the problems you describe. In fact, some of the best monitors intended for high-end image and graphics editing have CCFL backlighting. CCFL backlighting offers some inherent advantages over LED backlighting such as wider color gamut and better color quality. LEDs are slowly catching-up but both Eizo and NEC continue to offer high-end CCFL displays.

Aside from the technical aspects of the two options, the fact of the matter is that some people are sensitive to LED backlighting while others are bothered by CCFL. I hope that the OP will have the opportunity to personally inspect the displays he is considering. If that isn't an option, then he should buy from a retailer with an excellent return policy. Even with a good return policy re-boxing and shipping a large display is not for the faint of heart. Making a video while unboxing the display will be helpful should it become necessary to return it.

Bottom line: If a display is literally painful to use it doesn't matter how long it lasts; you are going to regret purchasing it. Better to be sure it will work for you in the first place...

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