Did you give up cigarettes for POT/marijuana smoking?

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PhD4 wrote:

That's interesting, if true.

It's not.

Sure it helps to clear lungs.... but an expectorant does so by promoting fluids.

Marijuana does the opposite.

Scieintific studies from such "pro" marijuana groups as the AMA and the New England journal of medicine confirm the expectorant side effect of marijuanna.

It does act LIKE an expectorant, in some ways.

Helping to create fluids, like a REAL expectorant, is not one of them.

I already pointed this out.

Again, I hesitate to place my lowly expertise against a Doctor such as yourself. But here is what the dictionary says:

Medicine/Medical, Pharmacology . /ɪkˈspɛktərənt/ Show Spelled [ik-spek-ter-uhnt] Show IPA ex·pec·to·rant
In other words, any substance which acts to clear the lungs. The actual mechanism is unimportant.

an expectorant medicine.
2. noun
promoting the discharge of phlegm or other fluid from the respiratory tract.
What you are saying is the equivalent of saying that "An Antibiotic works by destroying the cell membrane of bacteria."
This is certainly true about some anti-biotics, but is totally meaningless in using the word.
Doctor such as yourself proscribes an anti-biotic, there are hundreds for him/her to choose from. And each of them have a different method of killing bacteria. realSo, when a
Hope this helps.
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