North Korea detonated a nuclear

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1. Kennedy vs.Cuba

I do not recall Kennedy making any threats or a comment about using nuclear weapons during the Cuban crisis although it was a long time ago and my memory might be faulty. Would you be kind enough to refer me to a source where Kennedy made that threat. I do recall a threat to blockade and to stop Russian ships but not about the use of the bomb.

Appreciate it.

He said that US would retaliate if need be.

There is no comparing Kennedy with N.Korea's mad man, the point is, that US nuclear weapons and would use them if need be.

N.Koreans are also claiming defensive purpose, words only, I realize.


"He said that US would retaliate if need be"

and North Korea threatened to destroy LA more than once!

Quote it. More than once. I found a quote you asked for, your turn.


"" look in my history too...there is a thread about it.

Update: It was a Chinese General who threatened to nuke LA but North Korea threatened to attack USA

While those were his personal remarks, he made his point very clear to the US in his speech.

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The Chinese General who threatened to nuke USA is now a guest at the White House. I guess another "beer summit" or something or maybe selling our secret technologies to the Chinese

"A Chinese general who once threatened to use nuclear weapons against hundreds of U.S. cities will visit the Pentagon this week as part of a U.S.-China military exchange program.

Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu, who is head of China’s National Defense University, will take part in a “familiarization exchange,” Maj. Catherine Wilkinson, a Pentagon spokeswoman, told the Free Beacon."

They should arrest him and send to Guantanamo! I don't know why Democrat administrations always love to sleep with the enemy!

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