Mirrorless Cameras: False Panacea

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Re: Mirrorless Cameras: False Panacea
In reply to rattymouse, Mar 5, 2013

In general a lot of people on this forum suffer from a lack of imagination.   Basically if something works for them, it must be best for everyone, and if they dont agree they´re just wrongheaded or stupid or misinformed or blah blah blah.

I don´t use my camera for anything that requires fast AF.  I don´t use long telephoto lenses very often.  I never shoot video.  I have a Fuji X Pro and for me it´s almost my perfect camera - manual controls, the ability to shift between a decent LCD, a rangefinder type OVF with frame lines and a TTL DSLR-type view via the EVF, compact but with good IQ or something.    But I´m not going to say that it´s the best camera for other people because it clearly isn´t.  But so many people can´t get their heads round that.  And what´s more some people find themselves threatened by the idea that other people might want something different because it somehow suggests they might not be right themselves or that their choices might be arbitrary.   DPR is human society in microcosm.  All the religious wars, schisms, purges, ideological clashes of history are repeated right here but on a more trivial level about things like mirror versus no mirror, APS-C versus M43 versus FF, versus whatever.   It´s just human psychology.  Existentialism 101.

Look at a trivial issue indeed size.  The amount of complaints about the size of the X Pro 1.  I´ve heard it described as "monstrously bloated".  Personally I don´t want a pocket camera.  I want a camera with manual controls that´s big enough for those controls to be easy to use.  A lot of people I know who see it are amazed how small it is "for a serious camera".  Horses, courses etc.

Once you accept that people have different wants and needs it stops being a zero sum game.  How does the "Death of the SLR" possibly affect my own photography?  It doesn´t since I´m more interested in what works for me rather than what works for other people - it´s why I wouldn´t have been particularly good working for the Inquisition or the NKVD either.  Competition and diversity are good, different types of camera and photography are going to coexist for a good long while.  and that´s good for everyone really isn´t it?

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