Nikon D7000 Replacement or D40x + Lens For Indoor Sports Photography?

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Catallaxy wrote:

bokeh is the quality, not quantity of blur. What you are refering to is Depth of Field (DOF).

The way to get more DOF (more of the shot in focus both behind and in front of the focus plane) is to use a smaller aperture (larger f-stop number). So f/5.6 has more DOF than f/1.8.

More than likely, you were shooting at or near wide open (f/1.8) with your new lens. If you move the aperture to f/2.5, you would need to shoot at ISO 1600 to let in more light. And that is about the extent of the ISO of your D40x.

In reality, you need a camera with a better AF system, and better at high ISO. However, both the D7100 and D7000 are DX cameras and may struggle a bit with most gymns (but still be worlds better than the D40x). Basketball is hard shooting. You need ISO 3200 and an aperture of around f/4.

The 51 point autofocus found in the D7100 is far superior to the 39 point autofocus in the D7000 for sports shooting, but would not matter much for normal day to day shots. The 51 point autofocus is used in the D300s, D4 and other DSLRs used for sports. However compared to your existing 3 point focus, both are going to be considerably and noticeably better.

The D5100, D5200, D7000, and D7100 all would meet your immediate needs. However the higher spec'ed cameras will have more room to grow as your interests expand and they have the better autofocus systems for sports shooting. If your budget allows, you would be better off with the D7100.

I have the D60 (very similar to your D40x), had the D7000 (since sold due to the poor AF for birding shots), and shoot mostly with my full frame D700 for now. I also have the Nikon 85 f/1.8 AFS G and Nikon 50 f/1.8 AFS G.

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Yes, you are exactly right.  I was shooting with the lens wide open at 1.8.  I can't help but wonder though is the ISO going to be high enough for me on the D7100?

I have another newbie question.  Now that I have finally figured out how to read the meter in the viewfinder I am always looking at shots later on the LCD wondering what settings I used.  I assume it is in the menu settings somewhere, but how do I get the preview images on my LCD to display the EXIF data that I see in pictures posted here?  Thanks!

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